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DIY Diamond Blades

 Common Diamond Blades 

Professional Blades

14" Brick-Saw Blades
Hand-Saw Blades
 Floor-Saw Blades
Tile-Saw Blades
Angle Grinder Blades
Wall Chasing Blades

Grinding & Drilling

Diamond Core Drill Bits
Cup Grinding wheels
Grinding Heads / blocks
Tuck Point & Crack Chaser 

Diamond Blades for:

General Purpose
Reinforced Concrete
Green Concrete
Bricks & Pavers
Granite & Marble
Extremely hard Brick
Sandstone / Asphalt
Ceramic Tile / Porcelain
Wood, Ductile Iron / Steel


Brick Paving
Stone Masonry
Pro Concrete Cutters

Diamond Tool safe use
Diamond Tool Safety Diamond Blade Safety Notes

Always wear eye and hearing protection! Wear respiratory mask for dry cutting!
Careless or improper use of a diamond blade could cause personal injury!

Do not use any tools if damage is suspected.
Install the blade with the arrows pointing in the rotation direction of the tool.
Use a blade that is suitable for the machine and the material to be cut.
 Check for suitability of dry cutting.
 Wait a few minutes before touching a dry cut blade after cutting. (hot)
 Check diamond blade for damage before installing.
 Check  machine condition before performing any cutting operations.
 Check for a tight fit to the shaft of the machine.
 Check condition of blade occasionally.
 Check all electrical cords and plugs and protect them from water.
 Never cut without the metal guard in place.
 Accelerate the blade to speed before starting to cut.
 Make sure nothing is touching the blade before starting the machine
 Do not apply side pressure or use it as a side grinder.
 Operate petrol powered machines only in well ventilated areas.
 Keep your body away from any moving parts or blades.
 Clear the area near the machine before cutting.
 Switch off the engine when unattended.
 Remove the blade when transporting the machine.


Quality since 1994

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