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High Performance Long Life Diamond Cup Grinding Wheels

Highest quality diamond and bond for long life, fast material removal of concrete, brick and hard stone. 
Bush to 16mm can be supplied free of charge if required. Fit on all common angle grinders.
All cup wheels are only available in professional quality M14 thread adapters are also available.

4" diamond cup grinding wheel - 9 segments

9 segments
22.2mm bore
5mm high segment

5" diamond cup grinding wheel - 9 segments

9 segments
22.2mm bore
5mm high segment

7" cup diamond grinding wheel - 12 segments
7" (180mm)
12 segments
22.2mm bore
5mm high segment

Wide spaced segments for fastest removal of paints, wallpapers, glues, epoxy and other surface coatings. Wet or dry grinding. Although suitable for base material grinding, for bulk removal of concrete/masonry/stone use the grinding cups with more segments  for maximum working life.


4" (100mm) Turbo
50% higher turbo rim
for extra long life
7.5mm high diamond rim
22.2mm bore


18 segments
22.2mm bore
5mm high segment


5" (125mm)
double row
22.2mm bore
5mm high segment

Fast, aggressive grinding to remove large amounts of concrete, stone, granite, terrazzo, tile and other hard masonry materials including surface coatings. Semi smooth finish. Wet or dry.

7" diamond cup grinding wheel - 24 segments
7" (180mm)
24 segments
22.2mm bore
5mm high seg

7" double row diamond cup grinding wheel

Double Row
22.2mm bore
5mm high seg

9" diamond cup grinding wheel - 32 segments
9" (230mm)
32 segments
25.4mm bore
5mm high seg

4" and 5" cups available for sandstone and other extremely abrasive conditions.

Quality since 1994

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