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Professional Blades

14" Brick-Saw Blades
Hand-Saw Blades
 Floor-Saw Blades
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Angle Grinder Blades
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Grinding & Drilling

Diamond Core Drill Bits
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Diamond Blades for:

General Purpose
Reinforced Concrete
Green Concrete
Bricks & Pavers
Granite & Marble
Extremely hard Brick
Sandstone / Asphalt
Ceramic Tile / Porcelain
Wood, Ductile Iron / Steel


Brick Paving
Stone Masonry
Pro Concrete Cutters

Professional Diamond Blades for Bricklayers 

14"(350mm) Laser Welded  Premium Brick & Concrete Blade

Premium diamond blade

Fast cutting and long life with 10mm high segments.

Ideal bond combination for electric and petrol powered brick saws in Concrete & Masonry applications.

  Also available in 14" SILENT CORE for reduced noise levels. 

14"(350mm) Laser Welded  Block Blades w/ blank protection


PRO laser welded - 10mm high segments


ULTIMATE PRO Pro laser welded - 10mm high segments. Super long life - Ultimate Block Blade

 9" (235mm) Laser Welded  Pro Brick & Concrete   

Diamond Blade
Diamond Tools
Diamond Tools

High performance Diamond and bond combination that will tackle a brickies requirements with ease. 10mm high premium laser welded segments.

Quality since 1994

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