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Diamond Blades for:

General Purpose
Reinforced Concrete
Green Concrete
Bricks & Pavers
Granite & Marble
Extremely hard Brick
Sandstone / Asphalt
Ceramic Tile / Porcelain
Wood, Ductile Iron / Steel


Brick Paving
Stone Masonry
Pro Concrete Cutters



Possible Causes


Diamond Blade Will Not Cut

Diamond Blade is too hard for material being cut

Select proper specification for material being cut

Diamond Blade had become dull as a result of being used on hard material

Dress with abrasive material until diamond becomes exposed again

Diamond Blade Worn Out of Round

Shaft Bearings are worn

as required

Engine is not properly tuned on concrete saws, causing surges in blade rotation

Tune engine according to manufacturers manual

Bond is too hard for material

Use proper Diamond blade specification

Uneven Segment Wear

Insufficient water in wet cutting

distribution to both sides of Diamond blade

Saw is misaligned

check saw head alignment and shaft alignment

Diamond Blade Arbor Hole Out of Round

Diamond Blade collar is not properly tightened

Make certain that the Diamond blade is adequately secured

Diamond Blade collar is worn or dirty, not allowing proper blade clamping

Clean Diamond blade collars, making sure they are not worn

Diamond Blade is not properly mounted

Make certain the Diamond blade is mounted on the proper shaft diameter before tightening shaft nut.

Ensure the pin bole slides over the drive pin

Undercutting the Steel Core

Caused by abrasive debris in cut wearing steel core

Use the Diamond blade with proper undercut protection, or provide adequate water to the steel core

Diamond Segment Cracks

Diamond Blade is too hard for material being cut

Use Diamond blade with softer bond

Excessive force to start sawing

Use the saw without any strong force

Diamond Blade Wobbles

Diamond Blade runs at improper speed

mounting arbor

Diamond Blade arbor hole is not identical

Check Diamond blade arbor hole to make sure they are clean, flat and or correct diameter

Diamond Blade is bent as a result of dropping or twisting

Change to new Diamond blade

Diamond Segment Loss

Overheating due to lack of water or continuous dry cutting

Adequate on both sides of Diamond blade.

For dry cutting allow the Diamond blade to run freely every few minutes

Steel core is worn from undercutting

Use sufficient water to flush out the cut

Diamond Blade is cutting out of round, causing a pounding motion

Replace worn bearing, realign Diamond blade shaft or replace worn blade mounting arbor

Cracks in Steel Core

Diamond Blade flutters in cut as a result of Diamond blade losing tension

Tighten the Diamond blade shaft nut

Make sure the Diamond blade is running at proper tensioned speed and that drive pin is functioning properly

Diamond Blade specification is too hard for material being cut

Use correct Diamond blade with softer bond to eliminate stresses

Forcing or twisting the Diamond blade in the cut

Allow the Diamond blade to cut freely without forcing and keep blade straight

Loss of Tension

Steel core had been overheating as a result of Diamond blade spinning on arbor

Tighten the Diamond blade shaft nut.

Make certain the drive pin is functioning (on concrete saws)

Diamond Blade being used at incorrect RPM

Make certain Diamond blade shaft is running at the proper RPM

Diamond Blade is excessively hard for the material being cut

Use softer bonded Diamond blade to reduce operating stress

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